“What is the term for that certain elusive musical quality that encompasses the wisdom of the past while also giving the listener a unique glimpse into the future? Oh, yeah! “Timeless.” Every artist strives for it. Few achieve it. Fewer still achieve it in a genre so well-worn as the Blues. But JoeMcGuinness has managed to create a truly timeless blues album. Full of soulfulness and authenticity, “From These Seeds” is a collection of back-porch folk blues made by a man so skilled at deft fingerpicking and agile singing that he can forget about technique altogether and let his heart do the talking. His funky and syncopated acoustic guitar work lands him somewhere between Robert Johnson and Bruce Cockburn. And from his ragged yet acrobatic vocals, you can tell that Joe has been drinking from the same well as Tom Waits and Greg Brown. He mixes the very best elements of old school delta blues, country, pop, and folk to somehow stir up a fresh and magical sound that is neither modern nor antiquated. It’s simply a sound that rings true."   

Chris R., CD Baby

“Joe McGuinness’ fresh voice and unique lyrical perspective breathe new life into the blues genre with his first release, “From These Seeds…” He effortlessly channels the music born in the Delta and the Piedmont through the winding umbilical chord that remains eternally connected to contemporary life experiences. Joe is destined to carry the torch to new heights whenever Taj gets ready to pass the baton.”

Black Jack Ketchum, WRFG Atlanta

From These Seeds

From These Seeds was Joe McGuinness's first CD, and was recorded and released in 2008. 

  • Hellhounds Blues (McGuinness)
  • My Name is Joe (McGuinness)
  • I Will (Lennon/ McCartney)
  • Don’t Say a Word (McGuinness)
  • Ri (McGuinness)
  • Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotten)
  • Trashcan Full of Butterflies (McGuinness)
  • Sad Affair (McGuinness/ Polangco)
  • Do Right (McGuinness/ Thomerson)
  • Trovao (McGuinness)
  • Binti (McGuinness)
  • No Worries (McGuinness)