Tin Umbrella

Track Listing:

1. Dirt
2. Sinners Blues
3. Payday
4. Masima Asong Babae
5. Tin Umbrella
6. Feel So Good
7. Poisson
8. River Song
9. Voices
10. It Don't Bother Me
11. Tin Umbrella (Reprise)

Produced by Joe McGuinness and Oliver Wood
Executive Producer: Damien Lewis
Recorded and engineered by Damien Lewis at Exocet Studios
Mixed by Damien Lewis at Soap box Studios
Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse
All songs by Joe McGuinness except:
Payday - Mississippi John Hurt
It Don't Bother Me - Bill Sheffield
Tin Umbrella (Reprise) - McGuinness & Oliver Wood

All Graphics by Bear Roberts (theBearRoberts.com)


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